Let’s turn your brainstorms into best-sellers!

I was once told to never take advice from someone unless they’ve been there, done that. Thankfully, as a best-selling author, I know exactly what to do to lead the way for my clients.

From one best-selling author to another (I’m speaking your best-seller into the atmosphere), I know exactly what it takes to produce and publish your very best work.


CCCo now offers two core services:

Self-Publishing Services

So, you wrote a book! Now what? With so much information at your disposal, it’s hard to figure out who to trust and where to start on your journey. My goal is to help you set attainable, realistic goals and customize your experience to achieve your dream of becoming a published author! Click below to learn more about publishing packages and pricing.

Branding Photography

Not straying too far from my roots, I offer photography services within a more niched, tailored experience, focusing on lifestyle branding and offering sessions tailored for my clients’ needs. No cookie-cutter backgrounds and props this way! Click below to learn more about pricing and packages.

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Your Self-Publishing Coach

My name is Chynna, I am a rolling stone, currently bouncing between living in the Midwest and France (oui, oui!). I am a millennial mommy of one and a creative, serial entrepreneur. I love God and trap music (balance, right?). Most people don’t know I also love singing karaoke, watching the sunrise, and classic Disney movies. Mulan is that bish! From being featured in classrooms across the country to selling copies internationally, but with no prior experience as an author or writer, I was able to go from a newbie to an international, best-selling author. I look back on the nights I spent crying, feeling confused and frustrated, to now reveling in the success of a best-selling book. And now, I’ve turned my self-publishing experiences into a profitable business, serving clients from inception to completion and celebrating their creative journey every step of the way.

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The one-stop-shop course that teaches you self-publishing from A to Z.

Does this sound like you?👇🏽

Struggling to self-publish your book on your own?

Tired of feeling stuck after finding misleading information online?

Need help turning your manuscript into a polished, professional-looking product?

Have a book ready to go and have no idea how to market and prepare for launch?

Brainstorms to Best-Sellers is designed to:

Eliminate confusion and give you clear, easy-to-follow steps using my tested, proven-effective framework

Teach you how to design your book inside and out and create polished, print-ready files

And show you how to plan and execute your launch to hit best-seller status